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The best eyeshadow brushes you can buy

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  • You only need a few staple eyeshadow brushes to achieve pretty much any look.

I strongly believe that you only really need a few eyeshadow brushes to get a variety of looks going. There are all sorts of wild brush shapes out there and you’re free to experiment with them, but unless you’re a makeup artist, the basics should do you just fine.

My daily essentials are as follows: A fluffy tapered brush to blend out edges, a flat brush for packing color on the lid, and a pencil brush for detail work. Sometimes I grab a shorter fluffy brush to diffuse matte shadows across the entire lid. But really, that’s it!

For a long time I felt compelled to test-drive every unique eye brush that hit my desk, but eventually I realized I was complicating things unnecessarily. Even the most adventurous among us have an eyeshadow formula of sorts that we gravitate toward on a regular basis, and mine doesn’t require more than two or three brushes at a time.

Here are the best eyeshadow brushes you can buy:

Read on to learn more about our top picks.

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