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22 destinations that were ruined by tourists over the past decade

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Machu Picchu is not “hidden” anymore. Now, there’s a limit for how many people can visit a day.

Machu Picchu crowds

Crowds converging on Machu Picchu in Peru. Cris Bouroncle / AFP via Getty Images

These days, so many people visit, that there’s a limit of 2,500 tickets a day, according to the Inca Trail Machu blog. They are good for only four hours, do not allow re-entry, and cost $50 for adults. At least selfie sticks have been banned, as reported by the Peruvian Times.

And there continue to be problems in 2020. Six tourists were arrested after human fecal matter was discovered inside the sacred Temple of the Sun. 

More tourists could be coming, too. Last year, construction began on a multibillion-dollar international airport at Machu Picchu that would bring travelers straight to the ancient site. Thousands of people signed a petition to stop construction, but the Peruvian government has said construction will continue.

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