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The 25 wildest, most audacious outfits Nicki Minaj has ever worn

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  • Nicki Minaj has never been shy when it comes to flaunting her fashion choices. 
  • The rapper, whose lyrics are often as controversial as her outfits, has raised eyebrows not only for her music video style, but also on the red carpet. 
  • Minaj ensures her accessories are just as bold as her clothing, from crazy Marge Simpson-esque wigs to fried chicken bone necklaces. 
  • To celebrate the singer’s 37th birthday, Insider has rounded up 28 of the popstar’s most daring outfits.
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Nicki Minaj‘s fearless style is not only represented in her risqué music videos, but also on the red carpet where she always stands out from the crowd.

From prancing around in crazy Marge Simpson-esque wigs to wearing some peculiar accessories — a chicken bone necklace, for example — Minaj always brings her A-game.

She’s raised a few eyebrows for her array of provocative outfits, but no one can deny that the rapper is pushing boundaries.

And proving that fashion is as important to her as music is, Minaj often raps about fashion too, whether it be referencing Louis Vuitton or her love for expensive shoes.

To celebrate the rapper’s 37th birthday, Insider has taken a look at her most daring looks.

See them below in chronological order.

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