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4 Mobile Advertising Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you getting frustrated with your mobile marketing campaigns? Do you feel like you are wasting your money because you don’t see results?

There are many factors that can influence the outcome of your campaigns, starting from the actual offer or product, to the audience you are targeting. However, there are a few common mistakes people tend to make while setting up their mobile advertising campaigns, and you should avoid them at all cost.

1. Prioritizing mobile web over in-app advertising

No, no, and no! Let me tell you why.

Nearly 90% of mobile users’ time is being spent in-app. Therefore, it is essential that you allocate most of your mobile advertising campaign budget on mobile apps instead of mobile websites. Consumers prefer apps over mobile sites due to better user experience, quicker loading speeds, and extra features that some sites may not offer.

So, why would you spend all your marketing budget buying ad space on websites when no one spends much time there? If you still believe you should allocate some budget on sites for your own reasons, go ahead! However, it is strongly recommended to invest no more than 10 to 15% of your ad spend.

2. Believing your product or offer applies to everyone

Good luck! Of course, you love your company. It is your baby and no one else’s is as awesome, fantastic, wonderful, and marvellous, but… Reality check! Not everyone needs or wants your product.

Defining your audience is key for a successful marketing campaign in general. Mobile marketing has very precise targeting capabilities and you should not be spending a penny on impressions served to the wrong eyes. That is why mobile is such a powerful marketing tool. Compared to other media, mobile allows you to target specific demographics, like age and gender, ethnicity, and even household income, interest, and hobbies.

It is time to start thinking about who is more likely to be attracted to your product and focus on that audience. You will see better results in a matter of hours.

3. Ignoring the landing page experience

Your mobile marketing campaign doesn’t end once you have launched some pretty ads. People will see them, people will like them and people will click on them. That means they will be redirected to your website or landing page, and both need to be on point.

Make sure your website or landing page is mobile optimized. Having a mobile-optimized website will help you build credibility, not only with customers but within your industry. It will also help customer navigation be smoother and more effective because they will find the information much quicker. Overall, a mobile-optimized landing page will increase your customer’s satisfaction and the chances of converting.

On average, users navigate a website or landing page for less than 15 seconds. If they don’t find what they are looking for quick enough, they will leave and move onto the next thing. In those quick seconds, provide details about the offer or product you were advertising and display your contact information very clearly.

4. Forgetting to track your campaign results

If you are not tracking your campaign results properly, you might as well not launch the campaign at all.

Tracking results is probably the most important parts of your mobile marketing campaign. All the data and information you will gather will help you understand the ins and outs of your campaigns, and it will give you great insights in order to optimize and perfect your strategy.

If you see yourself doing some of these common mistakes, now is the time to adjust your live campaigns. You are about to see your numbers spike like you have never seen before. However, if you just realized this whole mobile marketing thing is too much for you, you might want to consider hiring a team of experts who can handle it all for you.

RAIN is a full-service mobile marketing technology that specializes in helping community banks grow, with federally compliant ads that generate clear ROI. Their team helps you connect with your ideal clients while ensuring your campaign meets your goals every step of the way.

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