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Why Brands Should Care About Mobile Advertising

2018 has been dubbed the “year of mobile” by the advertising industry and for good reason. Flurry Analytics found that the average adult spends about three hours and twenty minutes on their mobile device. Of that time, 92% is spent in apps rather than a web browser. Simply put, that means that there are more eyes on mobile app advertisements than ever before.

Currently, companies are pumping more money into traditional advertising methods and typical web advertising, but that is looking to change. Before, companies and agencies have had a difficult time tracking numbers and managing their mobile ads, but with the increase in mobile app usage adaptation is bound to happen. Different platforms that specialize in mobile advertising are beginning to become increasingly popular. Platforms such as Rain, who provide a powerful solution for creating and managing mobile marketing campaigns, are changing the game in the mobile ad world. Regardless of their size, companies are now able to market on mobile easier than ever. And, with more eyes on mobile, it’s no doubt that’s a good thing. found that mobile ad campaigns are nearly five times more effective than typical internet marketing, such as ads in web browsers. Not only that, but mobile advertising makes it much more easier to target potential clients, whether that’s by targeting the demographic that uses specific apps or targeting based on location. It’s also important to mention that in comparison to traditional advertising, mobile advertising is much less costly, easier to track and manage, and has longer lasting benefits.

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